During Fair Week, the Information booth is the central communications hub.  The knowledgable Exchange Club members who man the booth are seasoned veterans of many past Fairs dedicated to making your visit to the Fair both safe and enjoyable.  The information Booth is open daily from the time the gates open until the major crowds clear at night.–usually about 9:00 Tuesday – Thursday and a little later on Friday and Saturday.

The information booth is the place to report everything from lost keys to lost children — and during a normal Fair, we see plenty of both extremes and everything in between.
They maintain radio contact with security, emergency services, and Fair officials on the Fairgrounds who can react as required.  Please report any large or small emergencies or problems you encounter to the Information Booth located on the north edge of the Fairgrounds between the Livestock Exhibits and the Art / Photography Building, as soon as practical.

Information Booth personnel will be glad to page someone for you, but please be aware that the paging system can only reach a small portion of the Fairgrounds.  Anyone in the Midway Area or in many of the buildings will not hear the page.  We highly recommend that you stay in touch with the rest of your party by cell phone, or by meeting at a regular intervals at designated locations.

The Information booth manager supervises the crew who maintain the cleanliness of the restrooms.  Please report any problems you encounter in this area to the Information booth.


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