Department 7-B Photography

Barbara Elliott, Susi Edwards, Co-Directors







1. Only black and white prints and color prints will be accepted for exhibition. Photographic grade paper must be used for photographs submitted to be eligible for judging. Pictures printed on any other paper are subject to not being displayed or judged.

2. All prints must be 8” X 10”. Prints must be matted with a 1” to 2 ½ ” border. No framed pictures will be accepted.

3. All photography entries must have the following information clearly marked on the back of each print: 1) Photographer’s Name, 2) Phone Number, 3) Class (Youth, Adult Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), 4) Black-and-white or Color, and 5) Category ( *People * Scenic * Action * Animals * Still Life * Experimental, Scientific, Technical * High Definition Resolution/Drone * Coosa Valley Fair.

4. A maximum of four black-and-white prints and four color prints may be entered by each person. Only one entry per Category is allowed.

5. Advanced Class may enter 6 B&W and 6 Color, but only one entry per category allowed.

6. No pictures shown at any previous Coosa Valley Fair will be accepted.

7. All entries must be brought to the Fairgrounds on Sunday, October 2, 2022 between 1 and 4 PM. Pictures should be removed on Sunday, Oct. 9, 2022 between 1 and 4 PM. All pictures not picked up on Oct. 9 by 4 PM will be viewed as abandoned and discarded.

8. All cash awards will be paid at the date and time of pick up on
Oct. 10. If cash awards are not picked up on this date, cash awards will be donated to the Rome’s Family Resource Center.


First Place, All Classes and Categories: Blue Ribbon-$10
Second Place, All Classes and Categories: Red Ribbon – $7.50
Third Place, All Classes & Categories: White Ribbon – $5
Honorable Mention, All Classes & Categories: Green Ribbon, no cash award
Best in Show – $25


YOUTH– An individual who takes pictures for enjoyment. Ages 18 & Under.
I (B & W)
II (Color)
(See description of each category below.)

BEGINNER-An adult who is a hobbyist or enthusiast. They have knowledge of their equipment and how to use it.
III (B & W)
IV (Color)
(See description of each category below.)

INTERMEDIATE– An adut who will know their way around a camera, shooting longer than a year and produce good, clean images.
V (B & W)
VI (Color)
(See description of each category below.)

ADVANCED– An adult who meets all of the above criteria and is proficient with camera settings. Usually 4 or more years of experience. Professional Photographers are welcome.
VII (B & W)
VIII (Color)
(See description of each category below.)

Photography Category descriptions:

1. PEOPLE: adults, children, babies, portraits or entire figures, alone or in a group where the main subject is the person or persons rather than the environment, close-ups or as part of a large composition.

2. SCENIC: Landscape, seascapes, architectural and industrial scenes or any scene that has a fundamental unit of design or mood of such magnitude that all else is subordinate to it.

3. ACTION: A composition that captures one meaningful instant in a flow of action, involving people or animals; sports.

4. ANIMALS OR PETS: Animals, birds, fish, reptiles or household pets either alone or in a group: wildlife in natural setting.

5. STILL LIFE: Indoor and outdoor still life, flower study, table tops.

6. EXPERIMENTAL, SCIENTIFIC, TECHNICAL: Photographs produced through experimentation, by angle and exposure of light or camera, magnification, distortion, or unusual printing and developing processes. Photographs of purely scientific or technical nature: montages; collages.

7. High Definition Resolution/Drone

8. COOSA VALLEY FAIR ACTIVITIES: Any activity related to the Coosa Valley Fair.

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