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CLASS: 1st 2nd 3rd
PRIZE: $40 $30 $20

Pumpkins will be judged on Monday, September 30. Teachers/Parent assistants may bring the pumpkin to the Homemaking Entry Area on Sunday, September 29th, 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Rules for entering a Decorated Classroom Pumpkin:
Open to classrooms only. No entries from individuals.
Pumpkins may be scored and outer skin removed, but the interior of the pumpkin must not be penetrated, (no needles, pins, earrings, etc.)
Pumpkins may be purchased or grown by exhibitors/family member.
No perishable products may be used as decoration for pumpkin.
Pumpkins will be judged on creativity and originality (50 points) and overall appearance (50 points).
Prize money will be awarded to classroom for their own use.

Class Description
PK. Pre-Kindergarten
K. Kindergarten
1. First Grade
2. Second Grade
3. Third Grade
4. Fourth Grade
5. Fifth Grade

NOTE: Pumpkins should be lovable, mischievous and humorous — not frightening. Witch or frightening monster faces on pumpkins will be disqualified.


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