Family Scarecrow Competition


CLASS: 1st 2nd 3rd
PRIZE: $100 $75 $50



Scarecrows must be entered and set up in the Homemaking Arts & Crafts Building on Sunday, September 30th, from 1 – 4 p.m.
Families must completely set up their exhibit. The exhibit will not be moved after it has been set up.

Rules for the Scarecrow Contest

Open to family groups only.

Scarecrow must be constructed using a wooden T-form approximately 5’ high with a 36” arm width, standing on its own base.

Rubber, plastic or store bought masks are not allowed.

Scarecrow construction must include straw, hay or paper. Straw or hay must be sprayed with flame retardant substance at the at the exhibitor’s expense. Straw and hay will be tested.

All scarecrows must be named. Write the scarecrow’s name on an 8.5”x 11” piece of cardboard.

When designing your scarecrow, please keep in mind that this is a family event. Please no political, religious or excessively scary or violent scarecrows. The Coosa Valley Fair Association reserves the right not to accept any scarecrow that is deemed to be unacceptable. All scarecrows must be tasteful (appropriate for all ages).

Materials cost (excluding paints, glues, markers, crayons, and other consumables) may not exceed $50. Materials include the scarecrow frame, clothing, head, body parts, and other accessories, such as eyes, gloves, brooms, etc.

The use of sharp objects as part of the scarecrow, such as pitchforks, hooks, etc. is discouraged. The scarecrow must be capable of standing on its own safely without presenting a threat to anyone’s personal safety.

Scarecrows will be judged on Monday, October 1st. (Judging will be complete by 3 p.m.)
You must breakdown and remove your scarecrow on Sunday, Oct. 7th between 1 p.m.and 4 p.m.

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