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Coosa Village–Information, Excitement and the Chance to win $300!
buzzwachsteter Buzz Wachsteter, Co-Director
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Open Tuesday – Friday 6-10 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m.-10 p.m.
It’s excitement galore in the Village Building for the 2014 Coosa Valley Fair. Not only will you have the opportunity to see the latest in a variety of products and services displayed by local and regional vendors, but you may be the winner of a cash prize of $300 just for visiting the different exhibits in the building.
That’s right $300 cash prize by visiting the exhibits in the Village Building. It’s simple … as you enter the Village building you will be handed a card. Have your card validated at each vendor’s booth and drop it in the prize drum when you leave. One lucky name will be drawn for the $300 grand prize on Saturday evening at 10 p.m. You do not have to be present to win, but it will be much more fun if you are present to see your name drawn.
That’s not all. Many of the vendors will be having their own nightly or weekly prize give-a-ways for your participation just by stopping at their exhibits. Take a stroll down the street at the Village Building. It will be informative, educational, fun and hopefully a lucky experience for YOU.

RULES: Registration cards will be available to all visiting the Village Building age 18 or older. Visitors must have their personal card validated at each vendor’s booth in order to be eligible for the drawing. No purchase is required, and one winner will be selected at a random drawing Saturday evening. You do not have to be present to win.

Interested in being an exhibitor: Check out our VILLAGE EXHIBITOR LETTER and VILLAGE EXHIBIT CONTRACT for information.

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Village Building News
Your Opportunity To Reach 20K + Potential Customers
2014 Upcoming Schedule of Events

It’s Time To
The Early Bird
Deadline Is

August 25 is the deadline and space is filling up.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to reap the harvest of Fall’s Finest Festival…the 2014 Coosa Valley Fair.

The Village Building is destination of so many fair goers who have come to realize we are the place for the latest and greatest in merchandise and product information.  Our crowds are great…sales are made…prospect lists created…and many of last year’s vendors have already signed up for space again this year.  Now, isn’t this the way to measure success?

raffle card

OUR WEEK ENDING CA$H PRIZE DRAWING OF $250 WILL DRAW THEM IN TO YOU.  Patrons are given a card as they enter the building that needed to be validated at each vendor location SO THEY ARE COMING TO YOUR BOOTH.

Actually this makes YOU the big winner of the week.


   Double Whammy 2
Take advantage of our Double Whammy Deal for much greater exposure before, during, and after the fair.  For just $100 more see what you will receive.  IT’S AMAZING!

…You will be able to advertise your product and presence with a banner you provide up to 8′ long and 4′ wide along the fence approaching the main gate of the fair to 60,000+ visitors to the fair.  That’s less then one penny (actually $0.0017) per contact viewing.  UNBELIEVABLE VALUE!  But that’s not all.

…Included at no extra charge in the Double Whammy Deal is also a listing on the Coosa Valley Fair website with a link to your very own website.  Use your branding, your custom logo and potential fair goers will know you will be in the Village Building and your message will be a click away.  But wait…there is more.

…Included at no additional charge in the Double Whammy Deal your brand name and the fact that you will at the 2014 Coosa Valley Fair Village Building will go out to thousands via the fair’s social media network.  Once again, your name is out before the public and the fact that you are exhibiting.  Our Double Whammy Deal has now become a

TRIPLE WHAMMY DEAL!  But there is STILL more.
…Included at no additional charge in the Double Whammy Deal will be the listing of your presence at the fair in one of our large newspaper advertisements.  Once again, the public will be informed that you will be in the Village Building and your branding is again placed before them.  Let’s see now, the Triple Whammy Deal has become the Gigantic Whammy Deal and there is still one more thing.
Representatives of the Coosa Valley Fair Association do local radio interview programs preceding the fair, and included in these interview programs at no additional charge in the Double Whammy Deal will be a mentions of your branding as being in attendance.
Unbelievable…that’s so many whammy’s that we have lost count and all of that exposure for only $100 more.  Signage, Internet, Social Media, Print, and Radio exposure to the public of your branding.  How can you afford NOT to sign up for it? 
Now it’s time for us to hear from YOU.  Click below…

   2014 Exhibit Contract                                      2014 Exhibitor Letter

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(Click On Above Links To Download)
If you are looking for the very best bang for your buck, take advantage of our Early Bird Pricing NOW!
Use the links above so that you may download an application and submit it with your required check and receive a significant EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT off the normal booth rental fee.
Booth spaces will be 10×10 and 10×20, and as in the past the Coosa Valley Fair Association reserves the right to accept or reject any entry.
REMEMBER, there is NO guarantee of placement until a signed contract with full payment is received by us.

Entry Box

Should I Have My Own Drawing?
You had better believe it.  Build your contact, email, or telephone follow-up list.
  • Have plenty of blanks printed up in advance.
  • Make sure all of the information YOU need is on the form.
  • Have some inexpensive pencils or pens on your table because they WILL walk away.

Make Sure You Have Coverage…
We Are Increasing Your Opportunities For Prospects
We are responding to some requests from fair attendees that they be able to get into the Village Building a little earlier.  Sooooo…we have tweaked the hours just a bit.
We will open the building each night, Tuesday thru Friday at 5 PM and close at 10 PM.  On Saturday, we will be open from 10 AM until 10 PM.

Please make sure there is someone in your exhibit during these hours.

Also, remember, we will try our very best to work with you on times you can load in and out.  The vendor letter will have the regular hours, but we will try to accommodate you on special requests if at all possible.


Need It? We Got It!

There will be Wi-Fi Internet available in the Village Building this year.  The cost for Wi-Fi for your booth will be an additional $15 for the run of the fair.
Contact Us
We are a phone call or email away to answer all of your questions.
Buzz & Paula Wachsteter
706-291-0678 (Home)
706-252-4690 (Cell)

Remember To Follow The Theme…
We are fall’s finest festival and we want this to show in every aspect of the fair, including your booth.  Soooooo…we will give a prize to the best decorated booth around the fall theme.
Hope You Win!

The contents of your exhibit are YOUR responsibility.  If you need tables, chairs, backdrops, carpet. ladder, tools, wire for hanging items, extensions cord, etc., YOU must bring them with you.  The Coosa Valley Fair Association does not have any of these items.

shock Need Electricity
You’ve Got It!
No Problem…each space has two electrical outlets provided at NO ADDITIONAL COST!  Please limit your load to 15 Amps.
 Visit Us On The Internet | Coosa Valley Fair.Com


Coosa Village Directors:

Buzz & Paula Wachsteter
706-291-0678 (Home)
706-252-4690 (Cell)

GENERAL RULES: There are no awards in this division. In an effort to avoid duplication, space is awarded at the Director’s discretion.  Any changes from the original application must be approved A fee is charged for space. Reasonable security is provided, but the Fair Association cannot assume responsibility for damage or loss.




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